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Peekaboo Moments!!!!

Loyola Montessori’s First-ever New Letter. An initiative by none other than a man with a vision, our very own Brother John Herman Ekka. The Editorial team has made a great effort to bring before you a bouquet of valuable thoughts, guidance, and moments of joy to help you journey alongside us and share the euphoria […]

A Glimpse of Mango Day Celebration 2023

Mango Day Celebration Every year on the 22nd of July the day dedicated to the King of fruits is celebrated. Mango being our National fruit, Loyola Montessori School celebrated Mango Day under the guidance of Brother John Herman Ekka on 6.07.2023 for Montessori II and 7.07.2023 for Montessori I students. Programme In-Charge- Ma’am Lata Kumari. […]

Fun and Fiesta Fete ( 2022 )

A Day To Remember The 11th of December 2022, dawned as one of those mornings where zeal, enthusiasm, and fervour filled the air, and Loyola Campus bubbled with excitement while looking forward to the events that were about to unfold as the day would revel itself in high spirit. The Fete was inaugurated by The […]