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Mrs. Priyadarshini

Mrs. Priyadarshini

Mother of Avi Aryan

A school is an educational institution designed to provide a learning environment for children. The children of today are gearing up to become responsible citizens of tomorrow. Being parents of a little one, we wished the best for him. We wanted him to get a chance to acquire knowledge in the field of education and the zeal to pursue the best of literature, history, mathematics and other numerous fields of study, along with co-curricular activities, proper morales, and values.
In a quest to find such an institution we moved around observing and finding out about umpteen schools in and around our locality. We consider ourselves lucky to have come across Loyola Montessori School, which has set the foundation and provided a healthy learning environment for our little son Avi.

As this is Avi’s first school, we can see how he is progressing in leaps and bounds. He feels secured, loved and extremely happy to go to school. He enjoys taking part in various activities which is a clear indication of his cognitive and physical growth.

We find him slowly mastering the initial stages of communication, reading, writing, mathematics and analytical skills.  The school keeps us up-to-date on his progress, while he is encouraged to be more independent and expressive.
The various activities of the school are well-tailored to the children’s interests and developmental needs. Here children learn by doing and taking part in active learning. Teachers here not only teach the subjects but also teach self-care, care of the environment and concentrational activities that encourage the children to be sensitive towards themselves and their surroundings.

We are extremely happy to have made the best choice by putting our son in Loyola Montessori School. My child is so happy and doing much better than we ever expected.
Special thanks and gratitude to the Principal, teachers and staff for providing a scope for my son to bloom to the best of his potential.
Thank you Loyola Montessori School. We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts. Our child is now well settled and ready for the many challenges ahead.