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A Glimpse of Mango Day Celebration 2023

Mango Day Celebration

Every year on the 22nd of July the day dedicated to the King of fruits is celebrated.

Mango being our National fruit, Loyola Montessori School celebrated Mango Day under the guidance of Brother John Herman Ekka on 6.07.2023 for Montessori II and 7.07.2023 for Montessori I students.
Programme In-Charge- Ma’am Lata Kumari.

The children gathered and took their seats in the activity room. There was an air of excitement in the room. The ambience and set-up were bubbling with enthusiasm and creativity. The little ones eagerly awaited for the events to unfold.

The celebration began on a sweet and juicy note with our Principal, Brother John Herman, and our special guest Sister Carmine. They cut a mango each as a symbol of beginning the celebration.
A few children dressed as mango trees and mangoes. They took part in speeches and poems expressing their understanding and knowledge of the fruit. All others wore headbands with a mango image on them.

Through this event, the students were introduced to a wide range of information about mangoes and the benefits of eating mangoes. The different varieties of mangoes found, and the different foods that can be made from this king of fruits were also discussed.
The children were informed that the mango is our National Fruit of India and is also called the “King of Fruits”. It is a fleshy and juicy fruit and contains only one large seed.
The difference between a raw and a ripe mango was explained.
The students were also made aware that in our very own Patna, we get one of the best mango varieties called the Malda Mango, which is liked for its taste and texture.

Mango Day came about as an opportunity for children to be acquainted with the importance of eating fresh fruits to be healthy.
To make the event more enjoyable a Mango Party during lunch was held. Children brought mangoes for tiffin and enjoyed the taste and fun of eating and sharing with their friends.

Teachers also wholeheartedly took part in this celebration. Games were organized for teachers. Our Principal gave away mangoes as prizes. Children clapped with joy to see their teachers participate and win.

Further on Brother John Herman, encouraged our little ones by organizing a competition for children to name any fifteen fruits. Those who were able to name all fifteen fruits were given prizes. He motivated the children by promising many more opportunities in the future and stressed on maximum participation.

It was a session filled with the happiness and joy of learning, exploring, and sharing. In this way, we celebrate Mango Day each year.