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Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations

Dear Parents,

The children of this age group, admitted to Montfort Montessori Home are at the most sensitive and important period for the formation of life, it is imperative for the parents to be closely associated with the institution. We would like you to adhere fully with the rules of the school and the time to time instructions throughout the academic year for the easy and systematic functioning of the school and for the convenience of everyone.

1. Send your ward spick and span to school.

2. Parents are requested to look into the wards diary regularly and countersign the remarks/ information given therein.

3. If you find your ward is not making the desired progress or if she/he has any problem with regard to learning, then the ‘class teacher’ must be contacted and subsequently the Principal.

4. Please do not spit or throw paper and waste materials in the school campus. Dustbins are provided in the campus, kindly use them.

5. Chewing betelnut, panparag or smoking cigarettes etc. Are prohibited in the school campus.

6. Leave applications, reason for late attendance or any other matter concerning the student must be intimated to the Principal through the school diary. All correspondence must be addressed to the Principal and not to any individual teacher.

7. Kindly reach and take your ward on time. Make sure you reach the school ten minutes before the assembly, in the same manner collect your ward within ten minutes of dismissal. Also take care that your ward is not too early, hence left alone in the empty campus. Special care must be taken by those parents who send their ward by local transporters.

8. The person who comes to take your ward must carry the student’s original identity card.

9. Parents must leave the child at the main entrance. Avoid entering the school building. Children are handed over section- wise. Please wait for your turn to get your ward, do not crowd the entrance.

10. Parents can meet the teachers on working Saturdays after the dismissal of the first shift. If you want to meet a teacher on any other day, permission from the Principal is a must.

11. Phone calls made by parents should be only for office information, no discussion regarding teaching-learning will be entertained. No particular staff should be called over the phone. Place your queries to the one who picks up your call, she/he will give you the necessary information.

12. Change of address and contact numbers must be intimated to the school office immediately in written, and the phone calls from school must be promptly attended.

13. A child who is ill and needs immediate medical care should not be sent to school till recovery. On returning a medical fitness certificate must be submitted. In case of a sudden occurrence of sickness during school hours, the child may be taken to the nearest hospital without the prior permission from the parents. The expenses thus must be paid by the parents.

14. The identity card must be worn daily and a handkerchief must be pinned to the child’s uniform. Please take the trouble to label all the items your ward carries to school ( from books and copies to water bottle and tiffin box etc.)

15. Provide your child a light and easily openable water bottle and tiffin box, healthy food must be given for tiffin, strictly avoid junk food.

16. The school does not provide any kind of transport facility. You are requested to submit written details along with an Id proof of the one who will be reaching and picking up your ward from school, other than you.

17. Both the parents must attend the Parent-Teacher meetings.

18. Please do not park your vehicle at the gate.

19. No valuable item, money, sharp objects etc. should be given to your ward.

20. No fancy hairclips, rubber-bands, spectacles/ glairs will be allowed in school.

21. Parents should take note that if a child is absent for more than 6 days without prior permission or information, the child’s name will be struck off, and she/he would have to go through the re-admission process depending upon the availability.

22. Gift items should not be given to teachers or any staff member, whatsoever the occasion may be.

23. Fees once paid will not be refunded at any circumstances.

24. Classes will be in two shifts:
First shift- Mont. II
Second shift- Mont. I

We hope you have carefully read through the rules and regulations of our school and fully agree in their implementation and abiding by them by extending your kind cooperation as and when required.